Driver needs updating support irq sharing

23-Apr-2018 13:04

driver needs updating support irq sharing-56

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For many types of devices, creating a Linux kernel driver is overkill.

All that is really needed is some way to handle an interrupt and provide access to the memory space of the device.

This might change in the future if it would be found to be useful.

The following standard attributes are provided by the UIO framework: directory.

Your userspace program can terminate at any time, possibly leaving your hardware in a state where proper interrupt handling is still required.

This interrupt simulation is done by calling from the timer’s event handler.

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HI, I am involved in making MOnthly MIS in my organisation wherein need to have data represented in form of Graphs in the standard ppt ( Powerpoint). such that whenever I make changes in Excel data, corresponding graph in ppt. Currently what I am doing is when update data in excel sheet & the graph also gets updated automatically in Excel sheet. I request you to please help me achieve following ( if feasible) - 1. gets updated automatically as & when Excel graphs are updated. 2) to "delink" copy the chart in PPT paste-special - PICTURE on the ppt file delete the original linked chart, Save the file with a new name Email the saved unlinked ppt Steve an addendum/alternative to Steve's De-link option is to check out the addin mentioned here; what this will do is take any existing embedded chart image within the presentation and convert in to a non-linked image prior to distribution..… continue reading »

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