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11-May-2018 07:48

To enable this feature (at least on the mobile apps), tap the closed captioning icon at the bottom of the page and toggle captions on.Here, you will also have the ability to choose various languages based on what's available for that program.Furthermore, Amazon gives viewers the ability to customize how the captions look on the Amazon Video Setting page.

As far as I can tell, you can only set this feature up online (as opposed to in-app) by going to Video Settings, creating an Amazon Video PIN number under "Parental Controls" and then altering the Purchase and Viewing restrictions. I'm not sure how much business Amazon has been able to squeeze out of people researching the filmographies of their favorite character actors, but the company has found one centralized hub of synergy: X-Ray.

Here are nine cool things that you can do with Prime Video.

Some features have no equal among its competition, while others put Prime Video's status as a side-business on full display, but all show why it's a medium that needs to be taken seriously.

And keep in mind that Amazon's download feature doesn't just include movies and episodes you've purchased, but anything you have the ability to stream as a Prime subscriber.

Just hit the download button next to thing you'd like to download.(Note: Branding appears to be a bit of an issue with this platform—in Amazon's own literature, the service is alternatively called "Amazon Prime Video" and "Amazon Video." We're calling it Prime Video here.) A child's brain experiences time differently than that of an adult.

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