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In Arcata the population under the age of 15 was 28.1%.Those age 15-24 made up 22.8% of Arcata’s population. Those age 40-54 made up 16% of Arcata’s population.Those age 55-64 made up 6.7% of Arcata’s population.Those age 65 and over made up 6.9% of Arcata’s population.Arcata's climate is dominated by marine influences associated with Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean.On average, Arcata experiences 40 to 50 inches (1,000 to 1,300 mm) of rain per year, though there is a short but pronounced dry season from June to September.Arcata, located 280 miles (450 km) north of San Francisco (via Highway 101), is home to Humboldt State University.Arcata is also the location of the Arcata Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Land Management, which is responsible for the administration of natural resources, lands and mineral programs, including the Headwaters Forest, on approximately 200,000 acres of public land in Northwestern California.

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This upwelling in turn results in foggy conditions throughout the summer, with high temperatures commonly in the 50s and low 60s.Arcata contains major public and shopping areas within the city.They include: the Downtown/Plaza Area, Northtown, and Valley West (each of these are also large neighborhoods).For Arcata specifically, those age 65 and older were 8.3% of the population in 1950, and the median age was 29.4 years.

After the bust, in 1955, the population of Arcata in 1960 was 5,235.Arcata has been notably progressive in its political makeup, and was the first city in the United States to elect a majority of its city council members from the Green Party.